Adjust The Burners On A Commercial Propane Deep Fryer?


Propane deep fryer – Commercial-grade deep fat fryers are available in both electric and gas models; both of which provide professional chefs enough power to roast a large amount of food at once. Electric models simply plug into a power supply, while gas models hook up to the restaurant kitchen gas supply.

Gas-powered fryers (also referred to as propane fryers) are fully adjustable temperature settings, and controlled through a valve, when adjusted, changing the flow of propane deep fryer in the device and regulates the flame of the pilot light and the temperature of the oil to the heater.

I adjust the propane burners on a commercial deep fryer with instructions: 1) Open the main panel by dragging the handle away from the body of the fryer. Most panels are located on the front of the device as deep fryer placed against a wall, making rear or device inaccessible. 2) Remove the screw located on the pilot gas outlet. Most models brand each valve, but pilot gas outlet is located right next to the main gas valve on your propane deep fryer. 3) The pilot light is adjusted by turning the screw to the left to increase the pilot flame or right to decrease the pilot flame. Each fryer is mandatory specifications for its pilot flame; consult your owner’s manual for your device-specific minimum and pilot flame requirements. 4) Replace screw cap on the pilot gas outlet and closing the main panel.

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