Cleaning Toilet Bowl Brush


Toilet bowl brush – To clean his toilet with a toilet wand is quite simple. You can simply dip the stone in water, and then begin to scrub away the limestone. Is the toilet but really bad, must often more.

In this case we recommend the following procedure: Empty toilet water, by pushing water out of the bowl using the toilet brush. Apply standard the cleaner and let it work for 10-15 min. Scrub with toilet brush, rinse and empty again bowl of water. Apply lime remover and let it act for some minutes. Scrub with toilet bowl brush and repeat the treatment to not remove more calcium in this way. Use your toilet wand to scrub the chalk. Remember dipping the stone in water, so it is constantly wet / damp.

However, it is rare that you come all the way solely with lime cleaner. A great help here is a lava stone with handles. The stone is made of a volcanic rock that becomes extremely porous when wet. Dip just the stone in water and sand lime away from the toilet – easy and simple. And no, one toilet bowl brush as mentioned here, does not damage the enamel on your toilet so long.

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