Make a Toilet Seat Cover Design


Toilet seat covers are of special help to people with health problems such as hemorrhoids or back and hip pain. Many people also want to wear a folded toilet seat wherever they go, just in case they need to cover the seat of a questionable toilet. When making the plan a toilet seat cover, ahead of the dimensions, material and method of attachment of the toilet seat.

Unscrew the toilet seat from the hinges. Place the toilet seat on a plain piece of paper. Draw the shape of the lid. Remove the paper. Choose a type of material for the toilet seat cover. Make toilet seat covers with soft, washable fabric, such as cotton corduroy, lira, acrylic or microfiber – or with vinyl, which is easy to wipe clean, but must be filled with padding to create comfort. Choose a color or print that works with the bathroom decor. Determine whether padding is to be incorporated in the lid.

Design the cover to either stretch over the toilet seat and a shower cap over a head, or straps that tie to have the toilet seat. Design stuffed seats made from vinyl to have inverted seams so the sewn together edges will not cut into the meat of the subject. Add 2 centimeters from the space to the inside and outside edge when cutting material from the mold for an elastic toilet seat cover, pulling around sufficient room for the lid and guarantees under the toilet seat.

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