Simple and Functional Portable Evaporative Air Cooler


Evaporative air cooler – You’ve probably seen in section weatherization Carrefour or Media Markt few teams with all appearance of being mobile air conditioning, but without rear tube and much cheaper, actually is portable evaporative coolers. This type of equipment is often sold as “air conditioning”, and although its function is same, cool, its operation could not be more different.

Principle on which are based is quite simple; mainly consist of a fan and an element that allows water to evaporate when placed against airflow. Thus an adiabatic evaporation (without heat exchange net) so that occurs result is an air blast cooler and moister atmosphere. Operating principle is same for works a jug or so we freshen abanicarnos when we sweat.

If you urge to use one of these evaporative air cooler, make sure that your computer has enough power for surface to be cooled, 60W, which is most common, is insufficient to “cool” lounge for example. It is also very convenient to clean and disinfect frequently water tank to avoid possible health problems.

If you decide to finally buy a portable evaporative air cooler I recommend you do a recognized brand and a shop with guarantees, in addition some of these equipments include air filters and electric heaters so that they can be used as heating in winter (with power consumption involved).

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